Antonella Roccuzzo apart for her! Watch the video: Attention!


You get a very strong rival

Antonella Roccuzzo continues to think that she is the queen of the World. But, at the moment of truth, the truth is that reality is somewhat different. To begin with, because it is not the biggest WAG of Barça, an honor that falls on Shakira, with whom, by all is known, it does not keep a very good relationship. Something that, however, Leo Messi’s wife does not support, and ensures that the Colombian is going through a really low moment, which has allowed her to rise to the top 1, despite the fact that she does not have, even remotely, the same number of followers than Gerard Piqué’s wife. But she had fewer doubts when they questioned her about the most beautiful woman in Argentina.

Rosario did not cut hair, and she gave her name again in response. An opinion that differs quite a lot from what most people think, giving as the winner of the debate to another close enemy of her: Wanda Nara. Her controversial character and the veto of the Argentine team towards her husband, Mauro Icardi, has caused her and ‘Anto’ to have serious problems, in a ‘pique’ that goes far beyond social networks. And the one who was also the wife of footballer Maxi López has also risen ahead of Thiago’s mother, Mateo, and Ciro for several brands. Because, as we can see in the last video she published, a paid collaboration with ‘Otowil’, they prefer to contact her rather than Roccuzzo. A serious blow.

“What a blow to the morale of that climb, she deserves it,” “Antonella Roccuzzo must be climbing the walls”, “There is no doubt, Wanda Nara is much more attractive to brands”, “In case there was still debate … ”And“ Apart completely, it has been searched ”were some comments.