Amanda Lee busts the Instagram counter with a top like that!


Go back to the clothes you used to wear

We had become so accustomed to the leggings and sportswear for Amanda Lee now that returns to the tops do not know if we will have enough vision to grab all the size of the athlete. Amanda is great no matter where you look at her and that what the top covers are commendable!

True, sometimes without knowing very well why we focus on an area of ​​her physique and forget the rest of the model, is that why she works harder on her hips? Or is it that size is the first thing that is obvious?

Although when she proposes it, she knows how to take advantage of the rest of her anatomy based on photos, don’t you think so when she sees it?

And without the need for a special decoration, doing sports, as always, but facilitating the vision of other parts that perhaps we had already forgotten.

Because today’s top says a lot about the model without teaching anything, Amanda’s size is huge in all her clothes!

Well done, Amanda!

And it is that to do sports nothing better than comfortable clothes that allow movement, and if on top of the style, draw the figure perfectly, the thing is to go crazy!

Or to burst the Instagram counter and turn it around,  there is no better way to tell the athlete that she has succeeded fully with the publication than based on likes and comments, and this time the numbers come out of all the graphics.

And now aware that not only is it big from the waist down but that Amanda also has her own from the waist up, she is sure to get used to top, the excuse of playing sports, in her case, is the most helpful.