Who was the original? Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are copied!


At the moment it is not known who came up first

There had to be a day in the year in which the woman was exalted by the mere fact of being a woman and on March 8 it became our date. Numerous familiar faces, both they and they, have remembered the date and paid homage to the genre. Two of the most vindictive singers, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have remembered all the women in the world, as only they know!

Taylor Swift has just released the single ‘The man’ as if it were a kind of ‘cold-served’ revenge of those singular males who, rather than encourage her in her career, spent three villages with the zancadillas that put the artist. And yet, Taylor has come where she has come …

And almost without help.

That is why yesterday she modified her entire playlist on Apple Music including only female artists such as Halsey,  Selena Gomez or Kesha among some others.

Is it true that it shows that the singer knows how to support but delicately?

And that of Lady Gaga, unlike what one might think goes along the same lines.

Was Taylor first or was Gaga? Who copied who? Or did they occur to both at the same time?

The case is that it was an idea of ​​the simplest and resulting…

The one that they say was once a very temporary couple of Bradley Cooper did the same thing as Taylor, modifying her playlist including female singers under the title ‘Women of choice’ – what would come to be in Spanish something like ‘women in front ‘- and unlike Swift included Rosalia or Kelsey Lu.

Lady Gaga is also another of the singers who have not had anything easy when it comes to taking a place in the world of music since she has had to face many adversities until the whole world realized her worth.

Both interpreters wanted to make clear the need for women to join forces to get support among them.

And, sometimes gender and cause, unite.