Where are you going like this! Belinda’s dress opened and she looked over!


She wanted to impress and she got it

Lo Belinda with traitors who choose every day almost gives in to write a novel, sometimes is the most casual bordering on the vulgar and sometimes spends three villages with glamor, is what has to be a sporadic model in her spare time and wear fashion in your favor. And that from time to time, when she puts on long shots, she manages to leave us with her mouth open!

The same love has something to do … right?

Because for some time, the name of the singer appears related to that of Diego Boneta … and since then the interpreter seems to take great care of each of her appearances, will it be possible that today’s styling is due to an appointment with her actor?

Bye-bye Lupillo Rivera, goodbye tears and hello style and quotes!

Although it is also possible that the choice of the outfit that has been planted is due to one of the musical acts to which they occasionally invite Belinda … is that why her position on the piano?

What is true is that the singer is spectacular and that the choice has been quite right. And it is not known if what the singer was looking for was to divert all eyes to the slit of the dress and that threatens to get very high or that a black suit with a single strap can be as elegant or more than those with two.

Did you notice your posture? And in the way, she looks at the target? Doesn’t it look like a scene from a movie of yesteryear?

We have not yet been able to close our mouths after seeing it … was it about seeing something else?

The same dress opened without her noticing, while they took the photo or the same was all orchestrated for the actress to be seen like this.

Whatever it is, the choice has been a success, both for Boneta and for the rest of her unconditional ones, you have to see what good taste she has!