It’s been late yesterday afternoon that a serious problem has hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers, preventing any player from making progress of any kind and gaining Experience Points.

Although it is, in fact, possible to access the game and start a game, all the kills are not counted and at the end of the match the user finds himself with the exact same statistics as before the game just ended. This means that it is not possible to complete the weekly and daily missions, complete the Barracks’ challenges, level up the Season Pass and unlock camouflages for the various weapons. Fortunately, the development team is perfectly aware of the problem, which began to manifest itself at the daily reset at 19:00 yesterday and announced on official social channels that he is working to find a solution. It is very likely that the launch of a possible fix will always take place at 19:00 this evening and that the developers will give the players affected by the bug some reward (maybe a Season Pass level token, so as to recover the lost time)

It cannot be excluded that such a problem may have some connection with the now imminent launch of the battle royale of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, whose debut seems to be scheduled for tomorrow evening. If rumors turn out to be reliable, Warzone will be free to play and just like classic multiplayer and Spec Ops, it will enjoy cross-play support. We only hope that the problem of progress does not affect the release of this new and highly anticipated game mode.

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