Ana de Armas is caught messing with another good guy


A handsome man on his list of conquests

Ana de Armas is fashionable in Spain and throughout the world, since she crossed the puddle she can’t resist a role, a movie or one of the handsome Hollywood men. It rains couples and not the cinematographic, will you finally find what you are looking for?

The fact of becoming a Bond girl is an extra that the actress has added to her appeal, more than one has lost her mind to see her … will Daniel Craig have been another of the injured?

Bradley Cooper was another one who fell under the influence of Ana’s green eyes, or at least that was said after they were seen together and sharing confidences at a party. And after night, or a few days, little was heard of them again.

Ana’s with celebrities is a non-stop!

And now she returns to the charge with another, with Ben Affleck, taking advantage of the fact that she says she is single and returning to be the one she always was.

It is true that a couple of actors have known each other for a long time and that they have shared roles in the film ‘Deep Water’, a film that has not yet reached the Spanish cinemas but will do so later this year.

But from being fellow filmmakers to going on a trip, together, alone and not for work, cry to heaven!

Can you think of anything other than mess, love or relationship? We have already lost count of all of them …

And although some insist on saying that they are only good friends and that they understand each other, the truth is that they arrived alone on the island and alone and in a private plane abandoned it, do we need more evidence to see the obvious?

They did not hide during their vacations in Havana, nor did they stop photographing or shopping next to each other, everything was public to avoid any kind of speculation.

As much as they try to be seen differently, it will be complicated. We know Don Juan de Ben’s fame, and that of the Bond girl, too.