The buttons didn’t hold! And Emily Ratajkowski needed help with that!


In the Versace parade

Even if you are an international top and the catwalks of half the world fight to have you in their parades, you can have the bad luck that the garments do not respond to you at the least expected momentOne size less for a voluptuous body, last-minute rush or wanting to teach too much are usually the culprits, what will happen to Emily Ratajkowski?

It is not easy neither to catch it in a quit nor to be mistaken with the chosen garments, but so much kind of Zumba and so much wanting to be the most fashion have their less good side because…

One of the buttons on her jacket exploded! I can not stand!

And she needed help from a dressmaker to not teach more than the account!

For the Versace fashion show, the model had to wear a too-tight jacket that served as a dress because she was not wearing anything else!

But apparently Emily’s size was not taken into account, or was the size of the jacket, not the right size?

And as much as they insist on trying to get the button back to its place, the thing is very complicated, if not impossible!

Although Emily does not belong to the curve model group and how fashionable it is, it is true that the mannequin’s shapes are incredible! and able to fool the most laid eye when adjusting their size.

Because this time she was wrong … but still remains the most sought-after top on the Internet!

And it is logical to think that Versace or the great brands aware of the charms of the American want the face of the model to be present in all its saraos, whether fashionable or not, the important thing is to have it!

And that sometimes unforeseen occurrence, with buttons, with jackets or with shorter garments, but it seems that Emily is all allowed.