She turns and smiles. Ximena Córdoba wants you to see it like this!


She dares with everything

Some need very little to get attention because the main material is already shipped from the factory. Smile, profession, and body of scandal are usually the ingredients common to all of them. Of course, if you are already Ximena Córdoba, the thing multiplies exponentially because with just turning and smiling you have everything you have won!

Precisely she does not turn to say goodbye or raise her hand to say goodbye, the model has learned that with the simplest gesture you can do more than at first glance it might seem, at least you have managed to get our attention without doing anything!

Have you noticed that even the background of the publication is degraded so that all eyes are directed to the same?

Unlike others that need to invent very complicated poses and poses or look for models with which their attributes are maximized, Ximena does the same but only a pair of jeans and a top, the model hits the spot!

And the Colombian has endorsed the maximum of ‘less is more’, although she has little at all!

You just have to see it turned and in tight pants to realize it!

With a walk through their networks, we can realize that Ximena is not at all a prickly woman who does not like to compensate her followers but usually alternates – and quite gladly – the snapshots in which the scarcity in the Attire with those in which jeans do exactly the same as a swimsuit … make it clear that you have an incredible physique!

And if the smile never lacks the jeans in her closet, either, those with which she turns around and makes us concentrate the vision on a single point, but what an artist she is!