MC Mirella appears crying and lets off on social media: “Will to do nonsense”


Celebrity worried fans

MC Mirella left fans worried this Friday afternoon (06). The funkier appeared crying and said that she is going through difficult times in her life.

“Do you know when you can’t take it anymore? Willingness to do so much nonsense, that you have no idea. Even more me, who am all crazy? Hit the mind, I’m doing it. It has always been like this, whoever has been with me for a long time, you know ”. she started.

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“I don’t like to say anything. I prefer people to notice. I don’t like to make anyone uncomfortable, bad, in an embarrassing situation ”, she continued.

“Things are so difficult. I can not take it anymore. I know what we need to keep things from happening, but do you know when the climax of the situation comes, when you see yourself with people trying to take away your shine and your desire to do things? ”, Vented the muse.

“People don’t see their value and their effort. I’m tired of people not being fair to me, ”she continued, adding:“ You have your name, your life, but in reality nothing is yours ”.