At 42 years old, Danni Suzuki appears in a paradisiacal setting and a defined body impresses


The muse put the corpão to the game and gave the talk

Daniele Suzuki shook the psychological of her followers on Thursday night (05), by posting a sequence of photos on her Instagram profile.

At the click, the 42-year-old actress emerged in a paradisiacal setting, wearing a printed bikini and not skimping on beauty and fitness. ” Gratitude to God for so much beauty on this planet !!!”, she wrote in the caption of the publication. 

The record shared by the brunette received more than 17 thousand likes and collected praise from fans and friends, who were delighted with the clicks.

“You add is a lot about beauty! Of that nature! ”Commented a follower. “Beautiful place! You are always in harmony with nature, your harmony is impressive. And of course, muse always! ”, Said another.