You won’t see anything else beast! Eva Andressa shows her legs: Is this real?


It is hard to believe that this is possible

If we had not yet recovered the image of Yarishna Ayala and the size of her muscles, Suzy Cortez arrived and left us with our mouths open, and not precisely because of her blue eyes. And after this wake of muscles and exercises Eva Andressa arrived and with her and her legs the doubts about size issues were ended.

It has passed, has failed to stop and her thighs have reached a size worthy of a scary movie, Eva is tremendous, terribly large!

How much time will have been devoted to the sport to become like this? Hours, days or do you have a lifetime with the same?

Because neither that volume is achieved in two days nor can those muscles be walked by anyone …

But Andressa, who is delighted with our astonished face to see her, grows even more with each of the comments and with the mouths not closed after seeing her, hence the selfies and the security of impacting any living bug that has a retina And dares to look at her!

Did you see the outline of your thighs? Is it possible to cover them with both arms?

Of course, we have focused our eyes on the legs, but the rest of her body is not far behind. Muscles and more muscles wherever you look, do you really have no intention of stopping?

At the moment she is still in the gym and sharing her exercise moments more than a routine has become a necessity, for her and for everyone who looks at her.

The illusion of believing that one can become like her is the last thing lost!

At the moment  Eva has no intention of leaving the sport because although it is true that she receives a lot of flattery, the criticism is not lacking either. Some say that the athlete lost her feminine forms a long time ago and that now there is no more Eva but there are only a lot of very defined muscles …

But Eva plan, neither goes nor comes what is said of her. She has no intention of leaving the photos, nor the sport either.