With a shirt and without anything else! Sara Uribe on the street and so on!


In the rush, she didn’t even notice

The rush was never good but there are times when running is the only option. It’s about not being late or escaping on whatever legs, the sooner the better! Although that means that you leave the house in half dress, as happened to Sara Uribe, although with her this type of image is a gift!

Being a mother and a worker has its own, especially when you have a small child like Sara, neither there are hours in the day nor the nights are the most peaceful, is that why the model has escaped from the home with just one shirt?

Is it really the fault of tiredness or is the image studied by heart?

Because she even looks like she had little time to brush her hair … but Uribe looks good even that!

Could anyone think that you can go outside with just a shirt and still be divine?

The pants in the closet but the heeled sandals on the feet and is that Sara is one of those who follows the saying of ‘dead before that simple’.

And it complies to the letter!

And it is that if you look carefully, it is not known very well if with the rapidity of the moment she could forget to change her nightgown or if she decided to use only a shirt or chose a dress so mini that it became a shirt with the naked eye.

And so small that she uses her hand to prevent her from looking too much!

Hence perhaps the gesture of putting her finger to her lips, as if she had just realized how she has gone out into the street and that she has forgotten at home!

And although the rush is not good, it must be recognized that she does not feel bad at all, you cannot say anything else when you see her!