The official presentation of Valorant, with lots of gameplay and features, has stirred the minds of many FPS players around the globe in recent days.

Many congratulated Riot Games asking loudly for the keys to the beta (which obviously is not yet known if this will be expected).

However, it seems that Korean players are a little less enthusiastic about the American giant ‘s new tactical shooter. For example, on Twitter, the former staff member (translator for Korean players) of the Los Angeles Valiant and the Florida Mayhem, Andrew ” Korean Mulan ” Kim, explained that Valorant sucks (just to use an acceptable terminology).

Asked by MonteCristo about why Mulan stressed how impressed the players were with the graphics industry. MonteCristo, then, replied that the Koreans, however, seem to have never had anything to say about ” Sudden Attack “, a free to play FPS developed in Korea that seems to have many similarities with the genre taken as reference by Valorant.

Mulan believes, however, that the criticism has rained ” because it’s Riot ” and because Valorant is very different from Sudden Attack in terms of expectations, given that it will be released worldwide.

Many, however, have expressed other criticisms of the new IP. Some say that it arrived too late, that it will not be able to undermine the FPS (and also the battle royale, even if you do not understand the reason), that it will be short-lived and so on.

In short, although the title has not yet been released – and by the way, only a small part of its characteristics has been revealed (such as the economy between the rounds, the construction of the maps, the game modes, the heroes …) – the people of the Web have already unleashed themselves with trenchant judgments.

Waiting for the release and maybe trying it – since it will be free to play – seems to be no longer in fashion.