This is going to explode! Daniella Chavez holds it as she can. Madness!


It doesn’t seem to worry you much

Daniella Chavez has just realized that increasing size every little time is not a good idea if you want to dedicate yourself to dancing. And it is that after passing through a program in which the model has had to learn to move the body according to the rhythm it sounded and carrying a matching model that could withstand all its nature, the model has realized that choosing what I could hold all your curves, it was an odyssey!

Selecting the most suitable for your physique is not as easy as it might seem to the naked eye …

His problems with the clothes and with everything she puts on to try to cover her body are not reduced to the moments of television, going out on the street is an adventure!

His taste for being as large as possible is inversely proportional to the size she prefers to wear, and so what happens … that the clothes give the feeling that from one moment to another they will explode!

Have you seen the model so minimal that you have chosen to go shopping? And the thickness of the straps to try to hold everything?

And yet … we don’t know if the dress will end in one piece …

Far from worrying about it, Chavez seems to enjoy every time this topic is discussed, in the end, she has gotten everyone to know her for the same reason, why stop now? For some simple seams?

Everything is fixed with the purchase of new clothes, or not?

The most curious thing about the model and now also a dancer is that she tends to buy small sizes for her dresses but when choosing accessories to complete the style, glasses, bags, and heels she likes the bigger the better!

Daniella is a pure contradiction when deciding what to wear but is quite consistent when it comes to wearing and walking, even if it explodes or is about to burst.