They register their house! Sara Carbonero, Iker Casillas and a tax fraud?


The problems for this couple do not end

What about Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas more than annus horribilis should be considered century, the couple does not end up leaving a problem to get into another fatter. First, it was the health of the player, then the health of the presenter and now the income of the player and alleged tax fraud, is there anything more horrible that can happen to them?

To date, there were only good words for Porto, the city in which they are living, waiting for the supposed return of the player and the family to Spain. Now she’s home in the Portuguese city has been registered for an alleged crime of tax fraud in Portuguese football and within the ‘offside operation’.

What they lacked!

And the least imaginable …

The registration of the influencer’s house has been initiated at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Agency and has not been the only address that has received such an unexpected visit, the presidents of the main Portuguese football teams have also suffered the presence of the Portuguese police at their homes.

Again the money laundering, the income obtained by the rights of image and the payment of commissions to third parties for acting as mediators in the signing of soccer players are more than sufficient reasons for the Tax Agency to initiate several procedures, including the registration of those who consider that, supposedly and somehow, they could be involved in it.

Contracts of soccer players, directors, and agents made from 2015 are investigated and among which are not only that of Iker Casillas but that of great players such as Radamel Falcao,  James Rodríguez or Jackson Martínez among others.

Millions of euros would be at stake if the Tax Agency is right and to corroborate it, both physical and digital documents seized on these fees, fees, and payments will be analyzed with a magnifying glass.

If Iker is freaking out, Sara won’t know where to get in so much trouble. And is that the evils of this couple have to be told for five years, not for years.