Tati Minerato posts a summer click and good shape draws attention: “Can I borrow this beauty?”


Celebrity almost showed too much on click

Tati Minerato lavished beauty on her Instagram this Monday afternoon (02).

The celebrity posted a summer click and showed her entire body healed in a tiny green bikini, all full and calling attention with her healed belly.

In the caption, she told the fans: “It’s looking like winter here in SP but the feed can be summer, right ?! I miss this wonderful BAHÊÊAAA. For more days like that. Where do you press to go back? ”.

The publication got more than 5,000 likes and the followers were mesmerized by the beauty of the muse.

“This body? Please lend me here, ”joked a follower. “Muse of summer!” He praised for a second. “This woman is a painting,” wrote a third.