Sommer Ray lowers her pants just so you can see that from there!


Occasionally the model releases her hair

Sommer Ray recognizes that her naughty part, the one that allows her to do crazy things and get out of what is stipulated and usual, usually wins her most thorough part and that she says she tends to tie short to her rebel side to avoid problems. Although sometimes nothing better than clothes dares to say what she does not do, pants that do not reach the waist is a good example of this, do not you think?

Avoid censorship and encourage your faith to come to look at it but looking for new tricks … and the body with the tracksuit has seemed the most!

Or is it setting a trend and the ones we are disconnected are the rest?

And the combination with sportswear … see and judge for yourself!

Anyone might think that having their hands in their pockets is what causes the athlete’s pants to come down, not to reach the waist and to be seen wearing a body and nothing more …

But knowing Sommer, we are sure that the position of the hands is only the excuse to allow yourself to not end up raising your pants and thus expose what interests her, that un obedient part that she claims to have and From time to time, see the light!

We will have to consider combining the elegance of a silk garment with the informality of sportswear because it looks good!

Or at least in the body of the fitness model, it looks great, don’t you think?

And so in the simplest and simplest way the dummy gets us to look, to look and talk about it, without having to spend time when teaching and with the little traps that you usually use every day.

Although with Sommer you never know … because sometimes she gives free rein to her most hidden side and lets her choose styling, then … let all eyes be prepared!