Seriously? Six years later, Scarlett Johansson sees this

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You can’t believe it

Neither Frank Sinatra is part of the movie’s soundtrack nor can Scarlett Johansson imagine that ‘Under de skin’ would be released in Spanish movie theaters six years after the film saw the light for the first time, so long since the same actress forgot and all of the tapes!

Little or nothing has to do with the title with science fiction genre in which the film is framed and although it is also difficult to get an idea ‘Under the skin’ is considered one of the biggest and most challenging bets of the genre, how come Could we see her before?

If we have been able to wait many days without knowing of its existence, enduring until the end of April to see it is going to be mucus of turkey, everything that is said about the tape and the interpretation sounds too good, we will have to judge it!

In the film, the American woman returns to one of those roles that can be considered a cinematographic jewel, Scarlett perfectly embodies the role of a young woman who without knowing very well why she spends time in the streets of Scotland making every child as a neighbor, I am in love with her for later, for no reason or apparent cause, I end up charging everyone.

According to the critics and according to the eyes that have already been able to see it, ‘Under the skin’ could be considered as one of the ten best films of the last decade and Spain still without seeing it and without knowing it!

Michel Faber is the author of the novel that has given rise to the film adaptation and Jonathan Glazer, the director of the film had no doubt that Scarlett would be the ideal actress to give life to the moral character.

Among the ‘Black Widow’ that is in hand and whose premiere will take place shortly and among the role of ruthless murderer,  Scarlett is gaining a reputation that does not go with her at all, at least with her pretty face.

Another thing is the demands of the script and the roles that fit, although so much blood and so much widow, gives us to think.