Robert Pattinson freaks out! with the premiere of this Batmobile


Another novelty of the movie

Since he has been considered the most handsome man in the world and with the most perfect facial proportions, Robert Pattinson is that he does not believe it. Nor did he seem to trust himself and his qualities to take on the role of ‘The Batman’ and in the end it has been! Now he is preparing for the premiere of the new bat suit design and the new Batmobile!

Much has surprised that the director, Matt Reeves, is so generous offering so many details about the film. We have learned about the new outfit of the actor, the motorcycle he will drive and even the amazing companions who will accompany him on the tape. Today the car also sees the light, the jewel of the film,  Robert Pattinson himself has freaked out to see it!

Infinitely faster than previous designs, with impossible weapons that promise to end everything that is shot and whatnot, too.

The streets of Gotham are safe with this tank and the one that drives it!

All new products offered by this delivery have a spectacular painting, to be honest, the only thing we have to wait to confirm is whether the interpretation of the hero by  Pattinson meets all expectations and surprises that seem to surround the tape.

The last assumption that surrounds ‘The Batman’ is that Johnny Deep could have reached an agreement to become the bad guy in the movie, to star in the role of Joker … is there any truth in the rumors?

If confirmed, Deep would share filming with Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis and Jeffrey Wright in addition to the protagonist and all his accessories.

What is completely unknown is whether Robert will need to teach or some kind of training to take control of the Batmobile … although surely Reeves has everything under control.