Kylie Jenner shows feet in photo and fans notice: “What happened to the middle finger?”


An unusual detail is giving the talk on the web

Kylie Jenner is enjoying a family vacation in the Caribbean and decided to share a photo sequence with her sister, Kendall, this past Tuesday (3).

The publication had more than 6 million likes. Check out:

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DAY 1 💚

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One of the photos, however, left some netizens curious. It’s just that the middle toe on Kylie’s foot seems to be smaller than the others.

The photo quickly gained repercussions and the publication received comments from followers questioning the unusual detail. “What happened to the middle finger?” Asked a fan. “So nobody noticed her short finger?”, Typed someone else. Look:

Then Kylie herself decided to answer the fans’ question. “I broke that finger when I was in high school and it never fully recovered. Leave our fingers alone, they never did anything for you !!! ”, she joked.