Is Camila Cabello ‘Cinderella’ and Billy Porter her fairy godmother? It freaks out!


This time the singer is not the one who gives the note

He is not going over, this is how the new Disney is presented with the intention of impacting from the moment you hear about Cinderella. The pompous dresses, the crystal shoes and the appointments with a prince are over, or how will the factory now be assembled knowing that the role of fairy godmother will be played by a man?

Billy Porter is the grace to give life to those who can do everything thanks to a  wand but in the body of a man, although it has been known that the magician will not have a defined genre despite being an actor who interprets it Does Disney point to the new times or does it intend to secure the pull at the box office?

The interpreter is habitual in the red carpets and every time it appears in public what is most commented are its styles, how not to be chosen for a role that bears his name from the minute one in which it was thought?

And Porter comes to say that “magic has no gender.”

As if he had to defend his character with his words!

The idea is to turn the classic of a lifetime to make it clear that Disney evolves at the speed that times do but always respecting the values ​​and teachings of the original story.

What we do not know is how Camila Cabello sat down to make a Cinderella that has to do a little more with the original … the same is what encouraged him to accept the role!

In case you need help Pierce Brosnan will also have his role as king and as a support, in case he fails the godmother fairy who is not fairy but who is not a godfather either.

What a gender fuss! How easy it would have been to be in her body!

At the moment, expectations and desire to see Billy Porter with dresses and wands of his own role, although as it has no gender defined the same we are getting confused and … look for an alternative!

We will have to wait to see him.