He didn’t have a euro and Sylvester Stallone was forced to do this!


The beginnings were not easy

Not everything in Sylvester Stallone’s life has been easy or the money has been left over, Hollywood is cruel and the actor’s beginnings do not resemble the life of luxuries and economic power he now enjoys. Little was known about the details of before he started playing Rocky Balboa but now he has made public that before he was famous he was poorer than a rat!

Opportunities were scarce and the money in his pocket too, even touched the extreme poverty,  not having even to eat.

And that’s why he was forced to sell his dog! , he could not afford to spend a single euro on feeding the animal!

Can they put themselves in the place of the one who has to sell their pet if they want to eat? And when choosing between your partner and a plate of food?

Terrible experience that of  Stallone that remembers with bitterness and that has persecuted him until the days of opulence.

On countless occasions, he has said that he lived in a very small apartment where cockroaches roamed in his own air and where he did not even have drinking water, the saddest life for someone who wanted to be an actor …

Until after knocking on many doors Rocky’s role fell into his hands, and the thing changed immediately!

That’s why the first thing he did when he had a certain amount of bills in his hand was to go retrieve his pet. And since things are never easy, even though Sylvester Stallone was not, the actor was forced to pay about $ 15,000 to recover Butkus, his dog, and that he was paid only 40!

From his role as a boxer, life and the economy changed him so much that one could say that he is still living today from the fame he gained while fighting in the ring.

Although from time to time he looks back to remember that in movie mecca everything is not as beautiful as it appears on the screens and in the movies!