After the publication of the demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the expiration of the embargo on the trial by the press, many complained of the Italian translation of the game, considered by the community not to live up to expectations. But is it really so? Let’s clarify.

The theme was also debated during one of our recent live on Twitch (we propose it again at the opening), and it is good to reiterate that the Italian localization of Final Fantasy VII Remake is based on the texts and dialogues of the Japanese version. Square Enix has chosen to faithfully translate ( perhaps too much, in some cases ) the original material, rather than opting for an international translation in English to be adapted in the various languages.

In short, the English translation of the game is the result of an adaptation, achieved by taking some ” freedoms ” from a lexical, syntactic, and meaning point of view. The need to make such substantial changes can be explained in two ways: on the one hand, there is a need to also meet dubbing needs, which obviously are not required as far as our language is concerned (in Italian the game will only be subtitled). On the other hand, it is always very difficult for speeches and concepts translated in a very faithful way to make sense even in the new language, for cultural and syntactic issues. Idioms, character inflections, lexical choices, in short, must be made appropriate to the new linguistic context.

In short, from our point of view, we believe that it is an adaptation operation, also based on cultural considerations, that it is always preferable to a 1: 1 translationhowever, we can affirm that the situation of FFVII Remake is not an indication of a bad job of translation from English to Italian, but simply the consequence of a weighted choice, which saw the authors prefer a translation from Japanese rather than a reworking.

The hope, in short, is that the final version of Final Fantasy VII Remake allows you to independently choose the preferred language for dubbing (English and Japanese only) and subtitles, leaving everyone full freedom of use.

And what do you think of it? Are you satisfied with the Italian translation of FF7 Remake or would you have preferred a freer adaptation instead of the faithful translation of the Japanese dialogues?