The trauma that Bad Bunny carries and that nobody knew until today!


He has made it public thanks to his new album

It is not necessary that you title your new album as ‘I do what I want’ so that every living bug knows that Bad Bunny is a renamed rebel whose rules slip him from wherever they come from. But even the most declared pasta have traumas and fears that occasionally see the light and leave their followers hallucinated!

He has just been considered a mass idol and not only for his sung stories, but for having got Becky G,  Karol G, and  Natti Natasha to be photographed together and under the same roof and at the same party thanks to him, they finished rumors that spoke of hate and jealousy among them thanks to the singer’s Sarao.

A lot of celebration of a new album, a lot of parties and a lot of dancing but it turns out that Bad has a trauma that drags since childhood and that apparently is the origin of his name!

Isn’t it a pass that something that hurts is what has made him known?

Apparently, as a child and during an Easter holiday the interpreter of ‘Ignorants’ dressed in a white rabbit costume, holding a basket and smiling although inside he was furious with the world for being dressed in those pints!

Years later, when he began to sing and remember that moment he thought that the rabbit costume and the bad time spent while taking the snapshot could serve him as any other as a stage name … and apparently he was not wrong!

A trauma that has been dragging since childhood but apparently is no longer because now it has become its hallmark.

Well, we must recognize that originality has not been lacking, but seeing the styles he chooses every time he goes out on the street or when he goes on stage, his choice is hardly surprising.

Even after knowing the origin of his name we dare to say that he is too sensitive to belong to Bad, although seen as seen, it seems that with him, you never know.