‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actor announces social media hiatus


The actor’s fans are concerned about the case

Tyler James Williams worried fans on Instagram by announcing that he will be leaving social media. The announcement came close to the time that the actor had revealed to suffer from a syndrome called Crohn’s.

“Taking a break from social media… and people. I’m not sure yet that I will make it because you are quite annoying, but I will check it from time to time to make sure you are still cute. Except those who talk about politics. They are WELL ugly ”, wrote the actor.

The publication had 145,000 likes, but unfortunately, no comments, as the actor blocked any interaction with the public on his private account.

Recall the statement that the American actor gave about the disease: 

“Alert: ‘text’ in the caption, but trust me, you will want to read this. I can never get this picture right and, every morning, for the past two months, I get frustrated, because I don’t understand the reason why I can’t capture what I see. months after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This post is not about me, so go search if you are curious about what it is, but just know that I am better and on the way to recovery. This post is about this woman lying in bed ”.

He accompanied me on seven visits to the hospital emergency room in the past six months, on five long hospital stays and on a ’round-trip’ flight to the other side of the country. He spoke, discussed and argued, for my benefit, with more doctors than I can count, he left the job aside, he kept me mentally motivated and positive, no matter how uncomfortable the procedure I was going through that day, and in never left my side.

He slept on the hospital sofas, but when there were no sofas, he would put two chairs together, and when there were no chairs in the emergency room, he would put on a blanket and sleep on the hospital floor. All this so that I would never wake up alone, in that strange and uncomfortable environment. To call his a ‘good’ woman would be a serious insult, just as this photo is a serious insult to the beauty being portrayed, in case you haven’t read the caption. As young adults, we spend most of our time trying to find a sense of peace and stability in the midst of all the chaos in this crazy world. he is mine and, every morning, as soon as I open my eyes and the sun rises, and I look to the side and see her, I know that, regardless of what happens to my body, that day, everything will be fine ”.