Diletta Leotta melts the snow. Do you have more than Sol Pérez? And the yes wins!


She knew how to choose the most suitable for her

Diletta Leotta is one of the celebrities who has realized that she does not need to go in a dress to be considered one of the most ‘in’ and most fashionable women. The thing is to choose the most appropriate according to the situation but always attending to the errands of physiognomy. Even on a snowy day and with sports equipment it can be made clear who dominates the panorama of the curves!

It is true that  Diletta starts with the advantage of going out on TV every day because we already know it and also the Italian is one that does not cut when choosing a model regardless of whether it has half humanity pending on the screen, yes, the microphone professional does not win any!

And knowing her like this … it’s easy to imagine that the ski suit is going to follow the same line, or did they think the style is at odds with the sport?

Not at all, and look at what a wonderful print!

Not even Sol Pérez with all her power would have anything to do on a snowy day with the hostess … have you noticed that they look alike but that Leotta is older?

And that of Argentina thinking that she had the position secured because of being the most admired profile!

And is that seeing Diletta with clothes that usually does not favor anything – although apparently she must be the rare exception – is worthy of applause, we must recognize that the journalist has been right with the set, with the model and with the sport What practice to look like it looks!

And so unwittingly, the one in Italy is done with the  Sun stand in the middle of the cold wave, when summer arrives and they touch the inns next to the shore of the sea, we don’t even want to imagine the impact it will cause in our view.

Although seeing it like this … it’s easy to get an idea.