Yanet García tells her secret to have more than Issa Vegas!


And it’s simple and simple, like her

Yanet García has taken the bull by the horns and is willing not to be stepped on by anyone, not even by the successor of her program Issa Vegas. The truces are over despite being in the United States, Garcia returns with heavy artillery, at least that is what she tries to unveil one of the secrets most in will have her followers, will she tell everything?

It is necessary to recognize that  Issa Vegas has surrendered body and soul to win over the public of its predecessor but the truth is that what has most caught the attention of Argentina has been its most normal physique in the world!

And from a distance, Yanet has noticed … and that’s why she has decided to speak!

It is clear, one of Garcia’s hallmarks is her hips, those that she always marks regardless of the occasion. Well, Yanet says that they were not always like this …

Neither Argentina grew up with the physique it has now nor was its food the same before, Yanet was neither comfortable with her appearance nor taking care of herself a little.

He acknowledges that the first months in the gym did not help her at all but that over time and combining it with adequate food, her body changed, it was then that she focused all the exercises on increasing that part of her anatomy … although she gave so much size place to the appearance of stretch marks!

Is it possible not to be completely perfect?

And although at first, she didn’t like them, now she says she has learned to look at them with different eyes and that… she likes it!

In the end, it will be that the secret is neither the gym nor the food – although it has a lot to do with it – the self-esteem and liking as she does.

And we who thought we were going to talk about miracle diets, about creams that work wonders or tricks to make it look like everything is in place even if it isn’t …

Garcia loves herself too much and Vegas follows the same line, to see if the rest we learn to look at each other with other eyes and go to the gym and eat well too!