The most important day in the life of Asraf Beno and Chabelita ignores him!


Trouble in paradise?

He has achieved it, Asraf Beno is already a model, but not as before he said it as a mouthpiece without having stepped almost on a catwalk, now he knows what it is that everyone looks at you and does not go arm in arm with the Pantoja’s daughter. Parade, impossible clothes and a Chabelita in the front row that seemed to be with the head elsewhere, and that?

The ‘Princess Lovers’ gala held yesterday in Madrid had a guest – under payroll and without knowing his cache – that few expected, Chabelita’s boyfriend, who wants to shade  Kortajarena or  Velencoso strolled palm at the watchful eye of everyone who had concentrated there … except for his girlfriend!

The daughter of the cordillera neither smiled nor greeted nor seemed to see him … he was in the front row but as if he was not there, would they have argued before leaving and hence the serious gesture? ¿ Jealous, to share the vision of your guy with the rest?

And if Chabelita was lost in her thoughts without paying attention to her boy, others did and seemed delighted to see him. Neither Master Joao nor Miriam Saavedra was sitting in the front row but they did not lose sight of Asraf … perhaps not so much for the costumes they made him wear as for soaking up everything and then giving scoop of it in the programs of the heart.

And while the singer’s daughter was daydreaming and her boy was fulfilling his dream, Chabelita’s brother released the biggest thing on a television set with the excuse of talking about his new theme, it comes to everyone!

It is better for Asraf’s partner to confess to his boy that he had his head elsewhere because when he sees the publications the model will burn Troy.

His girl in the front row, thinking about other things while he wears ankle pants? Not a single applause of breath?

Surely they will not see another time – not to mention parade – how is it, and if not, time to time