The bomb swimsuit! Kimberly Loaiza leaves us with her mouth open


Something so unusual that it gives a lot to talk about

With that being considered one of the biggest influencers on the Internet Kimberly Loaiza seems to be entitled to almost everything, at least to invent impossible models with the intention that all her followers imitate her, will anyone be encouraged to go to the beach as Does Kimberly?

We would not be surprised if the garment hung the sold-out poster because the singer could sell salt in the desert, we all want to look like her … although for that it is necessary to move several years ago and look for the style that was taken in the movie ‘ Grease ‘.

Is it possible that we return to fashion in the late 70s thanks to Kimberly’s swimsuit?

The riskiest bet that will not lack adherents …

The interpreter of ‘Jealous’ gets on a boat and recreates a most bucolic scene simply with the intention that we see that her favorite food, sushi, does wonders when it comes to preserving the physique.

Or will strawberries be the culprits and those who claim to be addicted?

When seeing her with these two pieces, anyone would say that Kimberly’s truncated profession was to be a plastic surgeon … would she think she would someday need some extra help?

Yes, we are left with our mouths open as soon as we see her, and not only for the retro bikini but for the handkerchief in her hair, for the glasses and for how amazing she looks like this!

Have you thought about changing your profession and stop being Youtuber to move to cosplay? A way to see what your followers think when you see it or the beginnings of another profession?

Spectacular Loaiza for styling and for the image, the rest we only have to go to Japanese food to see if the effects it has on us can be seen in us, how delusional!