Tammy Hembrow’s jeans can’t with that much and they’re going to explode!


The athlete does not cut at the time of dressing

Tammy Hembrow has discovered the impact that causes jeans to explode as if by magic and without doing anything, just put them on. All this would not make sense if we did not know her and we did not know how to spend them, but talking about the athlete is talking about clothes with broken seams!

It is one of the few that has worked in the gym based on good and that hangs the routines in their networks, and everything, as it says to encourage staff and to verify that with it there is no trap or cardboard, about the Fitness model, is natural, although sometimes you doubt that something so perfect can exist!

Neither need to turn around, nor turn around or use the tricks that many uses so that it is noticed that the jeans are seen and desired with their size, the athlete likes to go tight and this goes against any garment that It leads because they often explode.

It’s that simple … but Tammy doesn’t want to learn the lesson, why do it if that confirms what you see in the photos?

And seeing it like this, we believe in her words, which say that “all the athletes in the world send messages” with the idea of ​​having an appointment with her, and it is not for less!

All athletes … and those who are not too!

And that she acknowledges that she practically doesn’t answer any message …

What we would like her to tell us is the trick she uses to get into too small pants, being she so big, if on this occasion there was luck and the jeans held on to her or if once the photo was published the same thing happened again Always with the pants.

Anything is possible with  Tammy you just have to see it.