Sol Pérez has nothing to do: Victoria Lomba has returned with more!


Too even for the Spanish

Since the selfies have become a double-edged sword, there are celebrities who refuse to use them. Some because wrinkles are more noticeable, others because these types of photos were not taken for everyone – as much as they try – and then there is Victoria Lomba who breaks all the molds because with it there are no measures that are worth. She came back and apparently comes back bigger than ever!

Victoria is one of those who never tire of taking photos or looking very cute in each of them, enjoys contemplating herself and enjoys, even more, listening to what is said about her.

How do you think it will react when compared to the larger one in Argentina? What will you think when you know that Sol Pérez was left behind in matters of size because of her?

Well, Victoria will smile, just as she does now … while mentally dedicating the publication!

Have you noticed that Victoria has copied the look of Solci? Too much Victoria, too much even for you!

The Spanish triumphs using its own means … and the positions of others!

And although we knew that the coach had a love for jeans and for all that garment that shows her size, with today’s selfie Victoria, has overcome.

There is only greatness, look where you look, has it always been that way or do we think that your hips have increased a little more?

As if that were possible … right?

The angle of the photo, the jeans of that of Spain, the eyes of those who look at it or the sport – although some say that it is more about the surgeon – have made it possible for Lomba to grow in size and proportion without equal and that We already thought it was not possible.

It is clear that in the curvy universe impossible is nothing, that you just have to propose it to happen even if it’s physical issues.

And in case of doubt, there will always be pants, jeans, leggings or shorts to show who is the one who spends the most size although with Victoria it will not be necessary.