So tight that it can’t even walk! Jailyne Ojeda got over it


Milan hallucinates watching her walk like this

There is no doubt, some of our celebrities, pass, no limits or want to hear from them. And all for always being on everyone’s lips, what things are! Jailyne Ojeda had finished with all the possibilities offered by her physique until she found something new … and went to Milan with it, she could not walk but walking was not important!

In the place where elegance and good taste come first,  Jailyne could not disappoint. Nor could I miss the chance that Italy knew first-hand the size of the model … what to do then so as not to clash but leave a mark?

Use leather, because leather always takes a hurry … and more if it is the model who wears it!

Even the Duomo has surrendered to the grandeur of  Ojeda with leather jeans, and that it was difficult for the mannequin to put one foot in front of the other to walk…. The thing was to mark and make it clear that the size of the hips was the first but did not think that moving would be complicated … They already said that to be beautiful you have to suffer!

Although she does not seem to suffer a bit but is enjoying that Milan has no eyes for another monument …

Some wrinkles in a style specifically chosen for the moment and some complication when choosing appropriate posture for leggins that do not give much freedom but that does brighten the view, and that is that everything could not be!

Among her comments, Ojeda does not refer to the difficulties to move – before dead than simple – but she does to the coronavirus and its passage through Italy, Jailyne’s thing is of the trace.

If so it appears in Milan to know how it will appear in Paris or in New York with its fashion weeks and with the glamor in full bloom.

Although more than style what counts is the size and how to let it be noticed without falling into the obvious, and that Jayline is very good at.