Is this true? The signing of Jason Momoa that you would never have imagined


Something totally new in him

Jason Momoa is large and not only in size, the actor is willing to show that his own with the seventh art is not only for roles in which you have to use brute force based on good, the actor wants even the smallest from the house they know him for his characters and not for the bad guys! Jason signs for  Netflix and goes to the children’s cinema, can you believe it?

From Khal Drogo in ‘Game of Thrones’ we already knew that Jason’s physique was a claim for this type of series and then with ‘Aquaman’ we saw that the actor defends himself equally well by land and sea, so much so that the second part of the film is in the oven preparing to see the light soon.

But it is seen that with all this Jason has not had enough and now has given him to accept the project proposed by Netflix becoming the latest addition to the real image film ‘Little Nemo’

Can you imagine Jason, removed from his role as king of the seas, dealing with Nemo and company?

It is hard to believe that there may be a role that matches its complexion within the tape, don’t you think?

Well, apparently there is and in the form of a creature, Momoa will play Flip, a kind of bug, an excessively tall monster, half-human and half inhuman and with some fangs of those to be scary.

Is this in a children’s movie?

Although apparently, everything fierce in appearance does not match behavior with humans …

Jason’s character will be made using state-of-the-art technology and the date on which they will begin shooting this movie has been set at the end of next summer and once the actor has finished recording the series in which he is immersed.

It is unknown if the actor enjoys the aquatic environment or if the coincidences have wanted his last characters to live in the same medium. The thing is that with ‘Aquaman’ nothing has gone wrong, the same with Flip gets similar results.