It has been a long time since official news from Epic Games on the upcoming Fortnite Battaglia Reale competitions with cash prizes such as the World Cup and a recent post published on social channels explains all the reasons.

In fact, it seems that the development team of the most popular game of the moment wants to improve the stability of the game and solve the numerous bugs that afflict it before embarking on a new competition.

Here is the message from the developers:

“For Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 we are working on a solution to the problems facing clients and servers. Our goal is to improve game performance before offering any prize money in a competition. We will keep you updated with the dates of upcoming events, which will be published as soon as possible. “

It cannot be excluded that among the Fortnite problems to be solved there are those related to the assisted aim of the controller, of which the World Cup winner Bugha has also recently complained.

Another interesting news, coming instead from the data miner, concerns the arrival of the War between Factions with the next update. According to the words of the leakers, players will be able to choose whether to stay with the Ghosts or the Shadows and, once taken position, they will be able to play to increase the score of their faction. At the end of the war, each player will get rewards proportional to the score obtained, even if no detail is known about the possible prizes. It is also likely that a limited-time mode dedicated to the Faction War is in the pipeline, although we will have to wait for the arrival of patch 12.00 to find out more.

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