The Fortnite servers are about to go back online, in the meantime, Epic Games has revealed the news of the 12.10 update mainly related to the Creative Mode and Save the World, at the time of writing there are no certain news regarding the new contents of the Battle Real.

Among the novelties of this update, there are not only new aesthetic contents but also new game modes and options.

Fortnite Creative Mode

Thousands of objects
It is now much easier to access the prefabs and the individual props they are made of! Double-click on a prefab or a gallery to explore thousands of objects, which you can select individually, generate in the world and even associate with the quick bar.

Pr-Lovette eggs
Do you want to hide an Easter egg on your island? Our eggs are just what you need. Check out all the new eggs in the Egg Gallery.

Fortnite Save the World

Dress up in costumes and decorative backs, now available in the Home Base cabinet! In addition, the Home Base cabinet is now saved independently of the BR, so that changes made in one mode do not affect the other.

Arco Nubigragio

All the power of Steampunk … in the form of a bow! Eliminate Abietti to release a devastating cloud of vapor.

Spy Blade

Open this new blade and reap the power of the new Spy weapon set! Note: any tickets left on players’ accounts at the end of the season will be converted to Spy Blades.

The Faction War should begin in Fortnite starting today, an event discovered by data miners but not yet confirmed by Epic Games.