Ana de Armas dares: Photo with nothing! Daniel Craig with his mouth open!


Hollywood whole claps to see her like this

It is no longer known if centuries have passed or have only been a few years since Ana de Armas sneaks into everyone’s house based on a series of girls. Little remains of the actress of that time who has become a woman of arms to take, the best to appear next to Daniel Craig in the new delivery of 007, although Ana forgets that under the dress you have to wear something!

She knew of the need to play a femme fatale capable of bringing the secret agent upside down – even if she lost everything she wore – and Ana knew how to get into the role better than anyone. The heat of its Latin origin has been present throughout the film, and in the ardor, it has transmitted with each of its looks!

Hollywood rarely makes a mistake and Ana would not be an exception!

Black dress with suspenders and infinity neckline, how does the actress pretend that Craig does not lose his head when he sees her? Or was it about that and we haven’t heard?

Ana smiles as if she knew what we are thinking when we saw her and what she has done for us to think about. Could a photo with nothing below be considered a crime in the film? Or is it real life where it should be called attention?

He has embroidered it, Ana has adapted to the needs of the script and the qualities of every Bond girl she boasts. He has even taken part in that girl out of the stage and has released her hair on more than one occasion … and with good results.

As you do not go with an eye, the one who says to work in the service of her majesty will have it very difficult when choosing between the obligation and the woman in the dress and nothing else. Knowing Bond’s fame will not escape … And Ana also has no intention of making it easy!

Things that only happen in movies and that occasionally come to real life.