Why does Sara Corrales have it that way? From what it shows in these photos …


It seems impossible to be able to have it like that, but it is 100% real. Watch and enjoy

Thirty-year-old  Sara Corrales lives life and eats it handfuls. She does not stop for a second and in order to maintain that rhythm, she needs very powerful batteries, as many as the mental strength she possesses. There is no obstacle to stop or paralyze and that is that Medellin goes with everything and that is why it achieves everything that is proposed, there is no more mystery.

In the last photos, it has been seen in the middle of the gym session, hitting the bag hard as if it were any of the problems that torment her and priming with them until leaving things in place. In the same way, it can be seen lifting the discs to work her biceps and her perfect legs that make her possess a practically perfect figure. 

She makes it very clear in each post and her messages always go in the same direction: nothing to wait for things to come because that, except for miracles and very specific events, will not happen. Nothing to stop trying things at the first change or when they seem impossible because the only failure is to give up and stop trying. She takes all this attitude into practice in each one of her days and thanks to this she can count as a resounding success each of the projects she brings forward and the last one, in fact, is about to see the light: a restaurant that It will be called Vivo Life Food in its hometown, Medellín. 

Its objective is to serve healthy and original food to give a different service and achieve an experience that is worthwhile and that provides those who try something new that they had not lived before. It is true that the beginnings of a restaurant are usually complicated but being behind the Sara Corrales project it is clear that the result will be more than satisfactory.