That is true? Vin Diesel achieved the impossible with ‘Fast & Furious 9’


And it didn’t cost him much work

The endless saga of ‘Fast & furious’ already reaches 9 films and despite turning on the same and that the role of  Diesel is practically the same in all, you can see that the genre likes and has its followers. In the ninth installment, the success could be multiplied considerably as it is the tape that most famous will count, Stiller.

It is difficult to think of Ben as a tough Diesel-style guy … have they thought of any other alternative for the actor?

The truth is that the filming of this installment ended at the end of last year and that if the statements that maintain that Ben will appear are true, it is most likely that it is a small piece of paper, a walk from Ben through the cinema of action to see if the thing works … the same changes the record!

If finally the actor of ‘Zoolander’ joins the cast will be a claim for the box office numbers meet expectations. In addition to the incombustible Vin Diesel, Ben would have as companions the beautiful Charlize Theron, the magnificent Hellen Mirren and the other new signing in this whole cast,  John Cena.

But to end the assumptions and finish knowing the whole squad will have to wait until the end of this month when the film will reach the billboards, and that without taking into account that as soon as its premiere begins, the filming of the tenth will begin – and at the last moment – delivery of all this history.

Although maybe if the success achieved with the novena is great, the producers are encouraged and dedicated to converting humorous actors to add them to the cartel, everything will depend on how it is given to Stiller and his character!