She teaches it and they applaud it! Elianis Garrido shows her secret in a swimsuit


What a picture!

The model and actress  Elianis Garrido are convinced that constant work and preparation are fundamental factors that have led her to achieve her goals. It is impossible to hide what is in sight because the beauty of the Barranquilla has also added to its favor. Thanks to her proven talent, she has participated in productions of great importance on the small screen. Since its inception, it likes to boast its spectacular silhouette without any kind of traps, all with the intention of pleasing its already 4.6 million followers.

By the way, so much exposure to nature is sometimes dangerous. The attractive model has posted on her Instagram a postcard where she looks very relaxed, enjoying a radiant day at the beach, sitting on a boat, it really looks great. But as opinions resemble noses and everyone has one, ex officio destroyers came out.

The detractors focused on stretch marks that are barely visible in the exposed image, located on the upper part of the thigh of her left leg, thus generating a whole controversy.

What seemed to end very badly, was cleverly resolved by  Elianis Garrido. She pointed out that stretch marks did not define her value as a woman and her beauty, in addition, moisturizing them and sometimes tanning them is fantastic. In this way, a public figure teaches us that loving ourselves as we are is the best formula to be happy.

Elianis Garrido, the most human influencer

This being on the internet and interacting with thousands of followers, unlike other influencers, has given this beautiful woman everything necessary to expose her amazing humanity. Her remarkable toning is known, to the point that her followers have baptized her as the girl of the steel abdomen. But, beyond the whole physical issue, Elianis Garrido tries to be as sincere and genuine with her people, leaving simplicity as a quality that is greatly valued by her audience.