Riot Games reveals that Valorant will be released in the summer of 2020. Known so far with the code name Project A, Valorant is a free-to-play video game made of precision, great risks, lethal gameplay and adrenaline moments, which rewards and encourages styles of different and creative games.

Valorant allows two teams of five players to compete against each other in the role of defenders and attackers, in a series of turn-based fights in the best of 24 rounds. In Valorant, players can choose from a varied cast of incredible battle-ready agents from real places and cultures around the world, each with a unique skill set that enriches the gunfights through tactical information and strategic support, changing from time to time the way players approach different situations. Skills are designed to give players the strategic opportunities that best suit their playing style.

” With the development of Valorant, we wanted to hit the core values ​​of a competitive tactical shooter: precise, deadly and strategy-packed shots,” says Anna Donlon, executive producer of the game. “By adding unique skills to the characters that complement gameplay with firearms, we want to enrich the classic tactical shooter experience and bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. We hope that the launch of Valorant is the beginning of a good long-term relationship with fans of shooters all over the world. 

For developers, what matters most in Valorant is ensuring reliable gameplay and maintaining competitive integrity, so Riot Games has made a series of unprecedented investments in the best technologies dedicated to supporting the game on a technical level. These include: dedicated and free 128-tick servers for all players in the world, personalized net code for optimal precision of shots and game architecture based on authoritative servers with a proprietary system for preventing and detecting those who cheat starting from the launch. Valorant is highly consequential, so players will have the certainty that wins and losses will depend only on their skills and strategies.