Impossible not to look there! Paola Jara does it on the beach. And there is a photo!


What a posture!

Paola Jara is one of the singers that is still playing today. Thanks to her wonderful voice and prodigious talent, she has become a star in Colombia. Crossing borders has not been a major problem for her either since her contagious rhythm also places her at the top of popularity in several Latin American countries. Social networks are a niche that has managed with great skill, achieving unprecedented success.

This applauded interpreter has published an incredible photograph on her Instagram account, with which she confirmed that she enjoys an amazing figure, accentuating her rigorous physical conditioning. It is appreciated showing her gymnastic skills, flaunting surprising flexibility, in the best style of Simone Biles (The best gymnast on the planet), rarely seen in a singing star. Conquering their fans to the fullest is their desired desire.

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Being on vacation on a paradise beach with such a view, was undoubtedly the best scenario for the world to understand that the acclaimed Paola Jara is the owner of an inspiring body. 

Its natural and delicately maintained silhouette is the most precious gift that its crazy fans want to find, this every time they watch their videos and images, a great body they will not forget. Seeing the world upside down and enjoying such a fascinating swimsuit has never been so pleasant.

Paola Jara and her affinity with the sea

This outstanding performer of popular music loves the good life, being in the company of her family and friends. Traveling gives you infinite pleasure, allowing you to meet fascinating places, new cultures, and wonderful people. But the Caribbean’s dream is to live on a beautiful beach, surrounded by spiky coconut trees to get up very early enjoying the sea breeze. The above revealed with her words: « Someday I will live in the sea. Amen 

The song of the soft waves that break the edge of the wet sand, would be the best inspiration for great songs by Paola Jara.