Eiza González leaves us speechless, exposing this in a bathrobe!


So you can see her at night

Many times it is not what you wear but how you wear it. The style and the forms say that they come from cradle although some acquire it as they gain fame. Eiza González is one of the delicate ones, the fine ones that all suits her and that do not need much to get attention. Sometimes a bathrobe is enough to leave us speechless, don’t you think?

What are we going to do,  Eiza looks spectacular with a dress, pants or a rolled towel on the body after leaving the bathroom. True, we are not objective but rather we are more than followers, fans of the actress who can not be to meet her?

bathrobe and carmine lips that have left us crazy! … and that match the manicure, it takes very little to get value!

At least that is the case with her …

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And, accustomed to publishing photos in which their costumes are the first thing you see, it is surprising to see her perfectly made up, in the moments before leaving home, and perfect … but with a simple bathrobe!

And yet, divine …

Or would you not say the same after seeing it as published?

She says that she looks like this at night … after the bath? Before partying? Or do you simply drop the message like someone who doesn’t want the thing to mount the movie?

Her look sounds like getting ready, getting out of the shower and putting on makeup before dressing, choosing the carmine with the highest tone so that her lips are super marked and getting interesting in front of the objective to arouse the interest of everyone who looks.

Good success and a good idea of ​​yours, Eiza!

We just need to know the nightwear for which you are going to change the bathrobe, if it is street clothes or pajamas, that although it is assumed that your look is intended to go out partying is not always like that …

Surely she tells in another publication, which in this has already said a lot without opening her mouth.