A new Call of Duty Modern Warfare glitch seems to have been uncovered over the weekend: as reported by DeXerto, this bug allows you to fire indefinitely without consuming ammunition using the Model 680 shotgun.

The first to disclose the discovery was the Redditor Dinjur, who noticed glitch by accident by experimenting with various types of ammunition. The problem in question is related to a bad management of the animations during the reloading phase, emptying the magazine and trying to reload it generates an infinite loop that will allow you to shoot without limits (albeit with only one ammunition at a time), in fact, a trick that it could bring real benefits in the game.

This bug will surely be resolved in a very short time, we also report that in recent days some easter eggs ” recycled ” from the previous episodes of the series have been discovered and in particular from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, as shown by an image published on Reddit. The post caught the attention of Infinity Ward’s Art Direct Joel Emslie who complimented the Redditor on his discovery, not excluding the arrival of other classic Easter eggs in the future.

According to some rumors, Activision will launch the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode, called Warzone, and apparently arriving Tuesday, March 3 this week. No confirmation has come at the moment from the developers.