All eyes go to the glass. Issa Vegas takes it out and sweeps!


Only she could do something like that

He has eaten it with potatoes, she has had a snack at Yanet García and is still savoring it, Issa Vegas has achieved what she was looking for, although it is not very clear thanks to what. Little is said about the skills as Issa’s television host and much is done about her body and her little models, even the crystals speak without being able to do it!

There it is, with the usual look and making it clear to everyone who looks at it that art when picking up a microphone will not have but that the way in which the leggins feel is another grace also worthy of praise, or not?

At least Yanet was talking about the good couple who were sympathetic and physical, why wouldn’t they say the same about her?

He left Barcelona trembling after  Spain met her with shorts and now she intends to do the same with the rest of the world, to prepare the universe that Argentina has taken care of!

And as she says, how good or bad a person is is reflected in her physique, in her body and in the way in which jeans feel … is there any truth in her theory?