Ximena Córdoba climbs the skirt in the street and sweeps!


Everyone turned to watch her pass

There are queens of the style that put on what they wear are always great and then there is Ximena Córdob who looks spectacular with whatever little thing she puts on. The Colombian woman has the gift of elegance, of turning simple shorts into the most ‘in’ garment of the season even though she has stopped wearing centuries ago. Today again sets a trend when climbing the skirt in the street and in this way!

The simple vision of Ximena impacts although she does not propose it and among other things because she has no bad profile for any purpose and because it takes so long in this that there are no more inns or postures, everything is spontaneity and it shows!

But what is always expected when talking about the presenter is knowing what garment will surprise because it will be that and not another that will determine future fashions.

And in view of the publication … they wear dresses with hidden shorts underneath!

Perhaps because of having side openings , the possibility of teaching something more than she would like or as  a surprise to everyone who looks and hopes to find something else, Ximena has climbed her skirt to reveal her secret.

Very short shorts that match the dress of the model … or the idea was that we saw how great it is to wear what you wear?

And besides, teach some leg or wasn’t it

The truth is that Ximena does not usually exaggerate in her publications or sin in bad taste when it comes to exposing her nature and this time it has not been that way.

Elegant from head to toe and fine even in the smile, although occasionally the skirt goes up to discover the occasional secret.