Shakira’s new style Like never before!


The singer surprises on Instagram

After her great performance with Jennifer López in the Super Bowl, the Colombian singer continues to surprise all her followers with her publications on her ‘more private’ side. Something that seems to have become accustomed. The show they set up has generated more than 1,300 complaints, mainly due to the movements and costumes they both used during the break. Something that has not seemed to matter much to Shakira, who has been very proud of the work done.

In this case, the state of ‘shock’ with which she has left her fans on Instagram goes the other way. The singer surprised by a style she had never shown before. Going back to her rock roots and wearing a ‘Harley Davison’ shirt. Shakira has shown her ‘mother’s side’ accompanied under her arm of a scooter, which she pointed out in the description of the publication as new activities with her ‘kids’. We do not know if the Colombian tested her skills as a ‘skater’ or just posed for the occasion. Although her children did not appear immortalized in the post.

It is not the first time she shares her hobbies in networks with the little Sasha and Milan. Both enjoy free time with their mother and she always boasts. Something that was seen a few months ago in a video with them in the gym playing with fitness balls. Shakira has no problem showing her ‘mom’s side’!

Even to football. Her children are greatly influenced by her father, Gerard Piqué, and also enjoy her father’s sport very often. The Colombian singer has repeatedly stated that her thinking has changed radically since she is a mother. She used to devote herself completely to her, while now her main priority is her children and her family.