Paola Jara and her friend open the carnival dress: Everything in sight!


The publication is not wasted

Paola Jara does not stop, she has just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean and leaves to celebrate the last days of the carnival before getting back on stage. The case is to be entertained and not turn your head to everything that is being said about her, which is a lot! And friends and parties help make it more bearable, especially if you choose a similar costume and with openings in the dress!

The rancher’s singer is going to put a good face on the bad weather – although the procession takes her inside – to no longer fan the comments, because between her own with Jessi Uribe and the controversy that the singer chooses the styles to When singing, Colombia does not give arms to stop all goals.

Will Jessi also be the architect of the costume she has chosen for the party?

If so … you should consider changing your profession because you have exquisite taste!

And it is that  Paola and her friend look amazing at the Barranquilla parties, not only because of the type of costume chosen but also because they are the most striking but stylish!

The truth is that the dress itself says nothing, a lot of colors and a lot of exoticism but what really matters is the slit that it has and what it shows below!

We do not know if the garment opened casually at the time of the photo so that all of her followers could contemplate what is underneath or if the posture with which they have posed is studied to be seen like this, but we must recognize that they have been right.

In the end, the thing about the slits in the skirts is a basic that never fails, and  Paola knows that her partner chose her style or she did it.