Eva Andressa sweeps Anastasiya Kvitko: You never saw anything like it!


The reign of the Russian is over

The celebrities of the pink section sometimes forget that comparing each other is not pretty, looking sideways to see who is taller or who dresses them best is the national sport of them all and they do it all! But it is that when one of them is Eva Andessa, neither comparisons nor looks can be avoided!

It was believed that with Anastasiya Kvitko we had reached the magnum of grandeur, voluptuousness, and size concentrated in a single person but it is seen that we are often wrong and forget about some who also have theirs.

Or was it  Eva herself who wanted to get us out of doubt with photography?

The fact is that it was never doubted that Eva was great but contemplating her as we are doing now we fall into the same error as the celebrities of this section and we take the comparisons and … they were all right!

As Andressa there are not two … nor an Anastasiya Kivitko that surpasses her.

Is it possible and natural to have that leg outline? Have you seen the same thing?

Unlike Kvitko, who is big wherever she looks at her, Eva concentrates all her size at the height of her hips, needless to say, but … my mother what size!

If the eyes do not deceive us, it is true that Anastasiya’s side is in minutiae, in small things and see that this is difficult and complicated!

And if there are any doubts about the origin of her anatomy, the athlete takes a selfie in the gym so that it is noticed that she is worked, natural, that has not fallen from the sky … or the hands of any surgeon!

And even a little cruel play collating and see who wins them, the truth is that we like, why deny it.

There is a wide range of celebrities who compete with each other and then leave us postcards like this, but how lucky we are!