Erika Fernández’s skirt played tricks on her and this happened!


The presenter didn’t think it could happen

Although it seems incredible the contingencies also have a place in the pink section. Neither everything is programmed nor the intentions are the same for celebrities who fall here. Occasionally, some exceptions come to your attention, such as Erika Fernández, who this time the skirt played a trick on you without having anticipated it before.

Despite the bad vibes that they say exists between her and Jimena Sánchez to see which of the two wins in attractive and physical – about competing as television conductors nobody says anything – Erika occasionally does not enter the little game to see who wins and puts what she wants, her viewers are already accustomed to seeing her short and tight every day!

That is why this time is long … although with the touch of mischief and mischief, is it innocently conceived or is it really an accident?

And is that sitting in that way on a sofa and with a dress of those characteristics is a declaration of intentions!

Or did she really open her skirt by accident?

You may dress you play a trick and teach over and has unwillingly to the cross your legs do not you think?

But it shows that Erika is aware of it … and she is so cute!

The same was intended to show the flowers of her leg or the size of her heels or … there was no intention and the thing went like this!

Erika likes to let her followers know that she feels passion for animals and that she presides over an association called ‘Love without race’, for this she uses prints that simulate the drawings of her skin. And this time the combination of black and white, according to her comments, reminds her of a panda!

Surely the print of the dress is the latest in which many of the followers of the presenter will have fallen. Surely the slit of her dress and what she teaches have won the awards, right?