Daniela Ospina finds out: Shannon de Lima does this to James Rodriguez!


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Daniela Ospina and James Rodríguez filed rough edges long ago, after a somewhat problematic separation. And now they consider themselves friends, because they decided to put an end to their problems, which were already far behind in time, and focus on the well-being of their daughter, Salome, who is about to turn seven. She is very happy seeing her parents together, although she already knows that they will never be a couple again. Something that does not worry her, because she has become accustomed, and she has a very good relationship with Harold Jiménez, the coffee boyfriend, with whom she can soon take the step and have a son. The one she didn’t get along with so well was with Shannon de Lima, her father’s partner, something that may have ended up weighing a lot, since it is said that she and the Real Madrid crack have ended their relationship. 

Something that ‘Dani’ knows firsthand, because she could not keep her curiosity, and personally asked the soccer player in her last conversation. And, indeed, she confirmed that they have decided to take time and that they will most likely remake their lives on separate paths. Therefore, the former professional volleyball player has not been able to hide her surprise when she has taken a look at the social networks of which she was a partner of Marc Anthony and Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez. In them, she is seen doing normal life and does not seem to be affected by the supposed rupture. Something that confirms what she was warning from the first day she saw it: it is a search for fame and a fortune hunt, and neither wants nor has ever loved poor James, who has been one of her many victims.

She hopes that everything that has happened will help her as a lesson so that she never makes the same mistake again.